Why an AMC?

Why an AMC?

An association management company (AMC) is an organized company that provides everyday operational assistance to a trade association or non-governmental organization.

A volunteer boards’ responsibility is to provide direction to an organization. When a board is tasked with everyday operations they can lose sight of their vision. An AMC provides needed support so the board leaders can focus on strategic direction.

Benefits of Working with an AMC

Mangement Expertise

Specialized knowledge of management and operations.
Ability to train and offer continuing education.

Streamlined Operations

Everyday operations handled by the AMC.
Organized and maintained by one group.

Full Staff Support

Multiple person staff, lower cost.
Flexibility for periods of growth or downsizing.

Increased Revenue

Oversight and management of revenue.
Shared knowledge of expenses and budgeting.

Resource Sharing

Shared space, marketing, software and more
Negotiated at lower prices

Brand Establishment

Create a brand with the help of an AMC.
Brand identity in all areas of the organization.

The Bottom Line

An AMC is there to streamline management and operations so the organizational board can focus on the vision and growth of the organization. Working with an AMC offers industry expertise and resource sharing so you can be sure you’re offering the best product to your members.